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PostSubject: Cat,Shadow   Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:35 pm

Academy of the Inferno
Student Aplication

First Name : Shadow

Middle Name : None

Last Name : Cat

Nickname(s) : Shadow-chan, Black cat.

Age : 13

Birthday : March 23

Race : Cat Demon

Appearance : Shadow has short light brown hair that goes down to her neck, she also has black cat ears and a black cat tail. Her eyes are a mix of black and brown and sparkle when in the light. She usually wears a black dress with white frills and black socks with black strap shoes. She sometimes wears black gloves and a black with white frill neck ribbon. She also sometimes wears a black ribbon in her hair which her child-hood friend Light gave her.

Special Ability : Shadow usually uses the power of shadows hence her name. She can use there darkness to encrease her power and give her more battle strength. She can also dissappear incase of an emergency, she stands in a shadow and then her body sinks into it. She then transports herself to somewhere safe.

Weapon : Shadow's weapon is the Shadow Scythe, she can conjor it up when near a shadow. She pulls it from the darkness and then uses it in battle. It can slice people in half and cut them but it can also cut the darkness out of peoples heart and soul. It's handle is made of black wood with a golden point at the bottom end, the other end hold the blade made of pure gold.

Personality/ General Character/ Attitude : Shadow may have an evil weapon which can be used for good reasons, but she is the oposite of it. She loves to have fun and is sneaky and happy, even though her past was rough she still finds joy in life. She may look 13 but she acts childish and seems like she is 10. She spends most of her time tagging along with friends and usually ends up falling over or hitting her head or being just clumsy. She laughs about everything and tries to always see the bright side of things.

Goals : To always have fun and to stay free.

Likes : Oranges, having fun, and being free.

Dislikes : Grumpy people, people stopping her fun and adults.

Fears : Not being free, dying and cracks in the ground.

Bad Habits : Being clumsy and clinging to people.

Family : None she is wild.

Other Family : Maria

History : When shadow was a baby she was abandoned by her parents in a cave inside a forest and left to die, but the forest animals cared for her and gave her food and water and everything she needed to keep healthy. When she was 8 shadow's cat demon power started to come out, her tail and ears grew and she found out that she could use the power of the shadows. Then when she was 9 the grim reaper apeared infront of her and told her that she was to take over his work and gave her a scythe which she put inside of the shadows so that she could call it out anytime. Shadow then realized why her parents had left her, it was because she was the "reaper child." From then on she was happy knowing that she was worth something. When she was 9 and a half she found out a new house had been built in the forest and she went to investigate. That was when she met Maria, she was her first real friend that was like her, different. They were friends for years, after a while shadow had to leave the forest to travel but promised Maria that she would meet her again. Shadow then left. She then just lived her life as a wild cat and had fun and lived happily, then she came upon the Academy.

Who did you PM? : Light

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PostSubject: Re: Cat,Shadow   Mon Jul 20, 2009 5:05 pm

Light and I have talked, and we'd like you to exclude other members from your past. If possible, please, change the name of the members to a character that does not exist in Inferno.
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PostSubject: Re: Cat,Shadow   Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:20 pm

Baby, shut up. Heard enough. Stop talkin that blah blah blah.



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PostSubject: Re: Cat,Shadow   

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