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 Ketsuiki Shadou {The Master of the Fallen}

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Ketsuiki Shadou

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PostSubject: Ketsuiki Shadou {The Master of the Fallen}   Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:07 pm

Academy of the Inferno
Student Application

First Name:Ketsuiki (means Blood)

Last Name:Shadou (means Shadow)

Nickname(s): Ketsu, Ketsooky {optional}

Age: 19 {at least 12}

Birthday: August 3 {no year required}

Race:Fallen Angel {If a Half Breed state both races. and if you're a pirate plaese put "Pirate (race)"}

Appearance: His Real image is lack emo hair with red highlights, black t-shirt, long black trench coat with black angels wing design on back, black leather belt with red studs, black buckle trip pants, and black and red hi-top sneakers, and spiked wrist bands

Special Ability: Call of the Fallen - Summons one of many fallen angels to aid him in battle. Pros - gives him backup in many possible forms. Cons - can only summon one angel at a time and depending on which angel they may not listen well {Will be limited to one. Please explain clearly with pros and cons.}

Weapon: Giant Great Sword that splits into to giant Katanas {NOTE: Dual weapons will be counted as one and c'mon, no rocket launchers, etc.}

Personality/ General character/attitude: Pretty laid back and mysterious doesnt like being around alot of ppl at one time, really nice guy, emo, hates fighting but will fight to protect wat he loves {describe the Character well}

Goals:to prove that fallen angels are the most powerful entities in existane ( i mean come on they are fallen cuz even god fears them lol), and to become friendly with all of his angels {at least 2}

Likes:Darkness, Music, and card games {at least 3}

Dislikes:Light, Preppy ppl, and the color orange {at least 3}

Fears: Ocean, and being around many ppl {at least 2}

Bad Habits: calls all girls cutie, starts randomly singing alot {at least 2}

Family:none known as of yet {optional, if none just write that}

Other Family:none known as of yet {optional, if none just write that}

History:Ketsuiki is the rembodiment of the former God of the Fallen Angels he grew up on the streets, and was the leader of a gang known as "Fallen Prohpecy" {if you don't want people to know your history, you may PM it to Light or Snow}

Who did you PM? Light {you know this if you read the rules.}
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PostSubject: Re: Ketsuiki Shadou {The Master of the Fallen}   Wed Sep 23, 2009 5:03 pm

Please make your Apearence, history, ability, weapon and personality a bit more.... look at the example it might give you an idea.... also, Fallen Angel isn't a race here.... you may choose from the legends in the button of the homepage.
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Ketsuiki Shadou {The Master of the Fallen}
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