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 Bell, Akari

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PostSubject: Bell, Akari   Fri Nov 27, 2009 5:42 am

Academy of the Inferno
Student Application

First Name: Akari

Middle Name: Tejina

Last Name: Bell

Nickname(s): Aka-chan, Kari, Kitsune

Age: 15

Birthday: June 8th

Race: Mage

Appearance: Akari has long light brown hair that has a pinkish hue. She wears her hair in a messy bun with two long strands hanging down on either side of her face. She also has large sapphire blue eyes and a very pale complection. She is very tall and lithe. She tends to wear a long dark purple uniform jacket that reminds most of a custom made trench coat. The underneath of the coat is red just like the tie around her neck. She wears a long sleeve white dress shirt under the coat as well as a long grey skirt. Her shirt is tucked into the skirt which is held up by a dark green belt. She also has a dark green belt-like thing that buckles near her shoulders on both arms and falls behind her. There is also a dark purple bracelette located on her right wrist.

Special Ability: Akari has the ability to control Light. She can turn light into just about anything she can imagine which ranges from just a decoy of bright light to an explusion of light in a person's head that can either blind them or turn them brain dead. There are two drawbacks unfortunately. The first being that Akari burns a lot of calories when working with Light and therefore eats a lot more than the normal fifteen year old boy. The second is that Akari's eyesight suffers as well unless she is wearing some type of eye protection. She has almost lost her eyesight more than once.

Weapon: Akari uses dual katanas that are connected by a very fragile looking black chain. The hilts of the katanas are dark green like Akari's belt, and the blades are a shinning silver. She tends to keep the katanas in their sheath which is black with a silver fox on it.

Personality/ General character/attitude: Akari is known for either causing trouble or being around where the trouble happens to be. Akari has a mischevious heart that is usually forgotten by many since she is also very kind and giving. Akari has a serene air around her that only hides her calculating mind and dubious tricks. Akari is very sly, and she knows how to wrap people around her fingers. She is a briallant speaker, but she hates telling lies. She is very honest though she uses large and pretty words to confuse people and steer them away from her true goal. She tends to have a positive outlook on life, and she loves to comfort and help others. Her heart is usually in the right place even if she uses tricks to get the best possible outcome.

Goals: 1) To completely master controlling Light; 2) To help as many people as she possibly can during her lifetime

Likes: Being outside, books, the stars, foxes, music, and mythology

Dislikes: The dark, people being depressed, wolves, the quiet, and night

Fears: The dark, being left completely and utterly alone, and the sight and smell of blood

Bad Habits: Akari is a very big perfectionist: the smallest thing wrong will send her into a fit trying to fix it. She considers this a plus. She also has a hard time letting go of things. She has a ton of things that she doesn't need just rotting away in boxes, but she can't find it in her heart to throw the things out since to her everything has a story and no story can be lost. She also has a very short attention span and easily slips into writing or drawing when she should be paying attention to what is going on around her.

Family: Micaiah Bell - her mother (dead)
Laurence Bell - her older brother (dead)
Anshin Bell - twin brother (whereabouts unknown)

Other Family: Luna and Ryuji Kagamine - cousins (dead)
Aileen Kagamine - aunt (dead)
Nathan Kagamine - uncle (dead)

History: Akari was the youngest of three. She was also the only girl. Her father left her, her mother, her twin, and her older brother soon after she and her twin turned three. Akari has no memory of him. She was only three. The four lived in a relative peace for ten long years after his disappearance. Then on Akari's and her twin's, Anshin, thirteenth birthday everything spiraled out of control. For a while after they turned thirteen everything was alright, but their mother, Micaiah, was slowly becoming very introverted and nervous. She never met Akari or Anshin in the eye anymore. She never let anyone close to her. Anshin and Akari worried greatly about their mother. This went on for a few months, and during this time frame their cousins moved in with them along with their mother's sister and her husband. Finally their mother brokedown. She went on an insane rampage with a knife in her hand and knowledge she did not need in her head. Akari, Anshin, Ryuji, and Luna happened to be away when Micaiah went on her rampage. Micaiah killed Aileen, Nathan, and Laurence. When the four returned they were greated by the site of a bloody living room with Micaiah laughing insanely in the center of the room. She laughed so much that she began to cry. She let out a blood-chilling scream before stabbing herself and falling to the ground in a lifeless heap. Akari's body and mind shut down as her mother fell to the ground. All Akari could see was the pieces of her life all fall down to leave behind nothing. After Akari's mind shut down her body went into a fail safe mode. She never even realized she killed her cousins since the authorities could never name what killed them. Her twin had disappeared before Akari regained her senses. She has no idea what happened to him, and she always thinks of him when she is in trouble.
That all happened when Akari was thirteen. After everything had been cleaned up she was sent to live with her mother's mother. She stayed there for a few years before finally coming to the Academy of the Inferno.

Who did you PM? Snow
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PostSubject: Re: Bell, Akari   Wed Dec 30, 2009 5:21 pm


Welcome to the Academy!
((as soon as I get the picture for the acceptance I will post it))
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Bell, Akari
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