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 Akora, Misa

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PostSubject: Akora, Misa   Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:28 am

(Also has brown dog ears with white speckles)

Academy of the Inferno
Student Application

First Name: Misa

Middle Name: ----

Last Name: Akora

Nickname(s): Mimi

Age: 17

Birthday: May, 18

Race: Half breed; half human, half dog demon

Appearance: Misa had long dark brown hair that reaches to her hips. It's usually kept in a pony tails at the sides of her head. Her eyes are the same shade of chocolate brown as her hair. She's tall, around 5'7" and is 120 very skinny. She has a curvy figure, but not to an entirely hourglass shape.

Special Ability: Mind reader; with a simple touch she can read the mind of a person. It's limited to only if she touches them, they touch her she can't hear anything. Also, if she stays in too long she gets headaches.

Weapon: Kuro Oni (Dark demon)
Misa found Kuro Oni one day when she was 14. It's bonded with her soul so no one else is able to weild it. Inside is sealed an Inu given the name Oni after her sword. (Girl in pick with the sword)

Personality/ General character/attitude: Misa is a bit of a loner around people she just meets. It may take a while for her to get used to you, but once she does she'll be you're best friend. Kind, caring and thoughtful, though a bit shy, Misa cares deeply for her friends. But someone hurts them, and she'll go crazy on you, hitting you with everything she's got and sometimes even more. Most of the time she's relaxed, likes to just hang out and listen to her surroundings. Very brave and strong, she'll protect those she loves until he last breath.

Goals: To find her missing family, to find her special someone.

Likes: Food, playing her guitar, listening to music, being with friends, water, jokes

Dislikes: Perverts, people who are full of themselves, extremely high pitched noses.

Fears: Snakes, convicts

Bad Habits: She likes to carve into things with her claws, chews her hair

Family: Kisa, mother (human):
Hau, father (Dog demon):
Both MIA

Other Family: None

History: Misa always knew she was different, on account of her dog ears and claws. Never seeing much of her dad, due to him being in the armed forces, she grew up with her mother. All the time she'd walk through the woods with her as she told her stories about how she meet her father. One day, Misa went off alone, being only six she was very brave for her age. A light glows came from the trees and Misa followed it. After about five minutes, she came upon a black sword stuck in the dirt. Curiosity abounding, she stepd closer and touched the blade with her finger tips.

The next instant, she was floating in open space a girl about 20 standing in front of her. The girl smiled at her warmly. 'Hello Misa, I've been waiting for you. I'm Oni, you're faithful companion.' misa found herself back in the open space, the sword strapped to her back. Walking home, she was just about to walk onto the side walk when she saw men trying to enter her house. They broke down the front door and Misa ran to the back. Misa's mother and father tried to fend them off but ended up being caught. She yelled at Misa to run away and Misa did just that. For hours she ran, until she stopped in the woods beginning to cry and wondering if her parents were alright. For the next 3 years she traveled, trained with Oni, and became a strong and independant girl.

On the day after her 17 birthday she came here and saw others of her kind, wanting to feel accepted, she made up her mind to stay.

Who did you PM? Snow
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PostSubject: Re: Akora, Misa   Fri Feb 05, 2010 7:21 pm

Accepted! Welcome to the Academy!
((I don't know how to do the picture thing but when I do I'll post it up on here.))
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Akora, Misa
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