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 Sweet, Hope Leslie

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PostSubject: Sweet, Hope Leslie   Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:29 pm

Academy of the Inferno
Student Application

First Name: Hope

Middle Name: Leslie {optional}

Last Name: Sweet

Nickname(s):Lilly {optional}

Age:13 {at least 12}

Birthday: April 3rd {no year required}

Race: Mage {If a Half Breed state both races. and if you're a pirate please put "Pirate (race)"}

Appearance: Has blue eyes and long hair. Sometimes she wears extensions. She wears a pink tank-top with light blue shorts. Carries her guitar in her orange case.

Special Ability: She can read people’s mind. Only when it is quiet and she is focused. {Will be limited to one. Please explain clearly with pros and cons.}

Weapon: Hope’s weapon is her magical powers. Her powers are the most powerful of her and her sister’s. Also carries around a dagger in case she is too weak to use her powers. {NOTE: Dual weapons will be counted as one and c'mon, no rocket launchers, etc.}

Personality/ General character/attitude: Hope is shy and calm when you first meet her. She is very kind to others. She loves to help out in the community. Is very shy when you first meet her, then once you get to know her more, she becomes more outgoing. {describe the Character well}

Goals: To be less shy and to make new friends. {at least 2}

Likes: Writing songs, playing guitar, and drawing. {at least 3}

Dislikes: Being alone, writers block, and not being able to sleep. {at least 3}

Fears: Death, guns, and poison. {at least 2}

Bad Habits: Getting ahead of herself and staying up all night writing and drawing. {at least 2}

Family: Her fraternal twin sister Emily. {optional, if none just write that}

Other Family: None {optional, if none just write that}

History: Hope and her sister Emily were separated at birth. Their father got Emily and their mother got Hope. When their mother died, their father got the both of them. He was a fisherman. Then one day he went out to go fishing and was lost at sea. The search people found the ship on a completely empty island. By that time, Emily and Hope were 12. The girls decided to start a band with each other, to express the problems they’ve had in their life. They recently have turned 13 and decided that they were not able to support themselves and found the Academy and moved there. {if you don't want people to know your history, you may PM it to Light or Snow}

Who did you PM? Snow {you know this if you read the rules.}
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet, Hope Leslie   Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:46 pm

Welcome to the Academy
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Sweet, Hope Leslie
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