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 Callista ::FINISHED::

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PostSubject: Callista ::FINISHED::   Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:50 am

Academy of the Inferno
Student Application

First Name: Callista

Middle Name: --

Last Name: --

Nickname(s): Cala

Age: 18

Birthday: may 22

Race: Pirate (Mage)

Appearance: --See picture above please--

Special Ability: Can make small 3-D images of her thoughts or another's at their consent. These images can damage her mind and the more she uses her ability the more closer her mind comes to insanity. This does not effect the mind of the other person if she is displaying another person's mind. The 3-D images are not actual figures, only holographic displays. They cannot hurt anything but the mind of Callista.

Weapon: Skull Staff- Kyoki. Can release strong electric blasts that can immediately stun her opponent. It is as tall as Callista herself and the skull can speak on it's own. She always has it with her.

Personality/ General character/attitude: Seductive, dark and mysterious. She is a natural flirt and can draw in any male she wants really. Her special staff technique "Skeleton Siren" makes this a promise.

Goals: To be a feared sea legend. To be rich and be hunted down (for some excitement once in her life)

Likes: Money of course! And any sweet food. Martial Arts.

Dislikes: Being told what to do. People who do not know their place. Rough seas.

Fears: Dying alone. Sharks.

Bad Habits: yells a lot. A little too Seductive.


Other Family: Her crew (still recruiting)

History: Callista grew up with two parents. One was hopping between jobs and the other abused her because her father couldn't hold down any of his 4 jobs. She has stab wounds on her body but one is still painful-- a deep gash in her stomach that still bleed occasionally. Her father left her mother and she went on a rampage, giving her all the other stab wounds.
Callista ran away from her mother and only friends- her siblings- and became a pirate. Her acquired powers help her to achieve her goal to become a world-wide feared pirate!!!

Who did you PM?:: Aquamarine ::

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PostSubject: Re: Callista ::FINISHED::   Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:16 pm

Welcome to The Academy!
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Callista ::FINISHED::
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