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 Michi, Hakura

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PostSubject: Michi, Hakura   Tue Jul 14, 2009 7:09 pm

Academy of the Inferno
Student Application

First Name: Hakura

Middle Name: Rose

Last Name: Michi

Nickname(s): Hakura-chan, Light.

Age: 14

Birthday: June 14

Race: Half-Breed (Human/Vampire)

Appearance: Hakura’s short, brown hair reaches her shoulders. Her brown eyes always shine in the light. She’s often dressed in a skirt and shirt.

Special Ability: Hakura can control water and water spirits. However, this ability has some drawbacks. For example, she can’t use it when she is enraged. However, when someone is drowning, she can call on the spirits of the water to save them. It also prevents her from drowning.

Weapon: Hakura has a sliver bow and arrows made of an unknown metal that can poison any creature, even humans. The ends look like grass and water braided together.

Personality/ General character/attitude: Hakura is very shy around strangers. She doesn’t talk to strangers unless she has to teach a class. However, she talks to her friends very often. She doesn’t annoy them to death, though. She is very calm and quiet when she is by herself. When she’s with her friends, she’s loud. She can be very sensitive at times and can be offended by little comments.
Goals: To get over shyness and to learn as much as possible about life.

Likes: Water, Music, Quiet, Peace, Love, and Sunlight

Dislikes: , Noise, teamwork, art due to her lack of artistic abilities.

Fears: Lightning, Meeting new people

Bad Habits: Sings too loud, occasionally spazzmatic, unforgivably forgetful

Family: Mother: Twilight (dead) Father: Dusk (dead)

Other Family: none

History: Hakura's parents were Twilight, and ordinary human and Dusk, a vampire. When she was born on the 14th of June in a world on the brink of war, she was born into a family of two because her father died in a car accident in April of that year. When she was young, everyone could tell she was different and she was often left out of things that normal people did. At the age of eight, she ran away from home for fear of someone finding out her half vampire/half human identity. She bumped into another person like her. He introduced himself as Hakiro. They traveled together for 6 years. When Hakura was 12, her mother was killed by a bomb. Two years later, Hakura left for the Inferno Academy at the urging of both her friend Snow and Hakiro. Before Hakura got on the ship, Hakiro admitted his love for her and gave her the bow and arrows as his birthday gift to her. She told him she loved him too and offered him to come with her. He decided to stay behind. She misses him very much and thinks about him often.
Who did you PM? Myself
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PostSubject: Re: Michi, Hakura   Tue Jul 14, 2009 7:12 pm

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Michi, Hakura
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