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 Chi, Shi

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Black Blood

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PostSubject: Chi, Shi   Fri Apr 16, 2010 8:12 pm

Academy of the Inferno
Student Application

First Name: Shi

Middle Name: Banpaia

Last Name: Chi

Nickname(s): shichi, shi-chan,

Age: 115 (eternaly 15)

Birthday: 1st October

Race: Vampire (mage)

Appearance: Shi has blood red eyes which she keeps hidden most of the time apart from when she is hunting. Her hair is an ash blonde colour which goes down just above her shoulders. She mainly wears black trousers, black short high heel boots and a black body warmer top. She rarely ever wears any other colour apart from red and can be seen with blood soaked into her hair and running down her mouth which means she has just eaten.

Special Ability: Shi is mainly a fire mage, she uses fire spells often but sometimes she takes them to far and ends up hurting either herself or others. She sends alot of time learning new spells and practises with them often.

Weapon: Shi's weapon is her physical strength and her vampire instincts. She uses her strength to catch her prey and her vampire instincts to track and feed and to erase peoples memories so they don't remember her being there.

Personality/ General character/attitude: Shi has a violent and deppressing attitude, she doesn't talk to people much and will pick a fight anytime someone annoys her. She constantly wants to feed on peoples blood and won't let anyone get in the way of that. She doesn't make friends because she knows they will betray her of hurt her, she is rude to people and doesn't seem to fear anything. Since she has been around for over a hundred years she is rather wise and shows off to everyone.

Goals: To be the most powerful vampire that ever lived and to learn all the fire spells that were ever created.

Likes: blood, darkness, evil, fire, music, silence and power.

Dislikes: people, crowded places, light, noise and hugs.

Fears: cute things and the colour pink.

Bad Habits: biting nails and short attention span

Family: None

Other Family: None

History: Shi doesn't remember her childhood, the only thing she remembers is the few minutes before she was turned into a vampire. She was walking home late into the night on her 15th birthday when she was attacked and beaten and left for dead in an allyway. That was when a vampire came past and bit her, when she woke up she found that the men who had attacked her lay there dead and covered in blood were she stood. She in turn was covered in blood and thirsted for more of it. She went on the hunt for 20 years and caused a lot of unsolved murder cases. Because of her vampire instincts, her appearance didn't change and she stayed eternally 15. After about another 10 years, she met a human who became her best friend, but that human betrayed her and Shi was sent to a lab to be experimented on. After a few years of being tortured and experimented on, Shi broke loose and killed all of the people in the lab. She vowed never to trust humans again and spent up until the present day, feeding on humans blood and keeping a low profile. Then she came upon the academy and decided to join to learn fire spells.

Who did you PM? gangsta_girl777
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PostSubject: Re: Chi, Shi   Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:16 pm

Accepted but using your mage powers will be deducting points. And to add the group your in go to the home page and click on the vampire group. Then there will be a button that says join group. And there you go your in the vampire group.
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Chi, Shi
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